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Thread: No Mail for Me!

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    Question Unanswered: No Mail for Me!

    Hey all,

    I've got a Enterprise SQL 2000 server setup for my websites. I wanted to use the operators and sqlmail SP's for some things. So i setup everything but i'm not able to actually send any email.

    I have outlook 2002 installed on the server and the server account is set to the mail profile 'SQLMail' and this account is set to run both MSSQLServer and SQL Agent.

    Here's the catch. We run exchange here on a domain XYZ. my server is a standalone and does not actully connect to the XYZ domain. Does this mean that i can't use the mail capabilities in SQL?

    When setting things up i'm able to test connections to my profile and i get the A-OK messages i should expect BUT when i try to test an email or email pager account for an operator it fails. My SQL Agent log shows:

    [260] Unable to start mail session (reason: Unable to logon (reason: Unable to get the default MAPI Message Store due to MAPI error 273: 
    The information store could not be opened); check the mail profile and/or the SQLSERVERAGENT service startup account)
    Any ideas?

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    No Mail for Me!

    Couple things you should test:

    1. Can you send mail successfully when logged into the machine with Sql run account? This should answer your questions about the domain.

    2. Is Outlook your default mail client when logged in with run account? Check Internet Options, Programs tab, Under Email.

    3. Under Mail in the Control Panel make sure the mail profile you select in Sql Agent is used when starting Outlook and setup correctly.

    Hope this helps.

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