Everyday Software dot biz has developed a very lighweight middleware for MySql running on Linux.

The technology is a run time macro processor engine that sits between
MySql and the Web. The macro language uses the grammar of URL variables so the exchange of variables between html "posts and gets" and the data base is quite natural. Variabe circulation between sql scripts and html scripts is quite natural.

The macro grammar, called Uscript, utilizes only the special characters "&@$+", which allows the macros to be embedded into mixed html/sql/javascripts without interference.

The web site, www.everydaysoftware.biz is written completely in Uscript, although the site is experimental and sometimes broken.

Uscript somes with Ucom, a natural mechanism for communication between Uscript engines; and therefore, a natural distributed database mechanism.

A Uscript web site somes complete with a Uscript development environment and help files, all written in Uscript

Uscript supports automatic database discovery and table operations over the web.

Uscript utilizes the database itself for storage of external macros, making stored scripts for html, sql, javascript universal over any supported database.