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    Unanswered: How to create user account and change password?

    I am new in DB2, and just at the stage of the very beginning...

    How can I create user accounts, and provide my users instruction to change their password?
    If possible, I hope it can be done in command line

    Can anyone help? Many Thanks in advance =)

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    Re: How to create user account and change password?


    I think many questions were asked and answered in this forum about this, so you can have detailed solution if you use the search tool.

    Anyway, the answser is this I think:

    - DB2 uses the OS's authentication system so you must create local users on the machine where your DB2 server is installed. (I'd be very happy to learn if any other way exists.) It's probably unnecessary to say but you can use the command;

    net user <username> <password> /add

    on a W2000 machine, on command line.

    - About changing password: You can directly change ueser's password by following OS's user authentication rules or you can use this db2 command on db2cmd:

    db2 connect to <dbname> user <username> using <oldpassword> new <newpassword> confirm <newpassword>

    The db2 command above works for DB2 7.2 on Windows 2000 machine, I'm not sure if it's available on every platform.

    I hope this helps.


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    Smile Re: How to create user account and change password?

    Thanks Kezban, I am using DB2 8.1 + win2000, it works fine

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