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    Red face Unanswered: date field not standardize

    my problem is about how to standardize format date while storing data

    - > my pc set regional setting as mm/dd/yyyy
    -> ms sql server just followed this format (i guess)
    ->date field using data type datetime

    i have web page that required user insert date with format dd/mm/yyyy

    after that i'll convert that value to ->mm/dd/yyyy

    it seem to be okay at first . but when i try to insert this date value it will start to be suck all my day.

    date value -> 05/11/2003 (that mean 05 November 2003)
    suppose that data store to table -> 11/05/2003

    but this is what happen to my table ->05/11/2003 . so it take 05 as month and 11 as day. but when i try insert more then 10 day it's okay 15/12/2003

    sorry if my word not very clear. but i really need help on this

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    If you are transferring the date as a string then use yyyymmdd - it is unambiguous (yyyy-mm-dd is not).

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