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    Unanswered: upgrading from 8174 32 bit to 9.2 64 bit

    I'm in the process of trialling a migration path from oracle 32 bit to 9.2.0 64 bit.
    I have built the 9i database with locally managed tbspaces and temporary files for the temporary tablespaces.
    I've also changed from using rollback segs to an automatic undo.
    I am planning to import the 8.1.7 db in and recompile everything.
    Is there anything else I need to consider?
    Is it OK to move from 32 bit to 64 bit in this way?

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    Re: upgrading from 8174 32 bit to 9.2 64 bit

    I often use exp/imp to migrate from 8i to 9iR2.
    It's fine if you use the new features (UNDO, temp-TS, etc)
    If you are using only basic SQL features there will be no big difference.
    But if you are using a lot of PL/SQL procedures or java you have to check the functionality carefully.
    As an example, UTL_FILE_DIR has changed in 9iR2.

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