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    Unanswered: Upgrade from SQL 7 to SQL 2000 Help

    I am trying to upgrade our database to SQL 2000.

    We bought a new server with new hardware and new OS win2k

    We cannot bring our old server down or add our new server to the network because they will be named the exact same. We took a tape backup from the old 7.0 and wanted to install or upgrade it on the new SQL 2000 machine.

    I have been unable to find a viable document to show me the steps to do this. I cannot get SQL2k to recognize the media on the tape to upgrade it.

    Any help appreciated!!!

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    I think you should be able to install SQL Server 7 on the new machine, restore the databases on there and do an in place upgrade to the new version.

    Alternatively you could rename the old server to be able to run the simultaneously.

    A third option could be to go via a 3rd temporary installation.

    Those are the first options I would have checked out in your situation I think. Others might have better ideas from own experience.

    Good luck,

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    all you should have to do is:

    - do a sql server backup of the 7 database
    - get it over to the MSSQL 2000 server, either by tape or just copying over the network
    - use sp_help_revlogin (see ms knowledgebase) to transfer logins/passwords/suids
    - create blank databases named the same as the ones you want to transfer
    - give the users access to the databases and check thier properties like default database
    - restore your databases
    - you may need to run sp_change_users_login auto_fix on all of your database users if you didn't give them access to the blank database before restoring (this puts the connection rights in master)

    there's nothing special about 7 -> 2000 you can take a 7 backup and restore it right into 2000 with the exception of system databases like master (where sp_help_revlogin comes in handy), msdb, etc.

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