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    Unanswered: OUT parameters within a SELECT

    Can you do such a thing?
    I am trying to return 2 variables from a stored function/procedure
    If I concat them together then I have to call the function twice to get the first then second part of the string. This function is the real time consumer so I need to only make one hit of this.
    So what I wanted to know is can you just call a procedure with 2 out params and "select" these 2 out params??

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    OR another way to make it better would be

    I am then taking my function and doing

    NVL(to_number(substr(myfunction,1,instr(myfunction ,'*')-1)),0) firstbit,
    NVL(to_number(substr(myfunction,1,instr(myfunction ,'*')+1)),0) secondbit

    So I am calling the function 4 times.
    I have tried re-writing the function as 2 functions, each returning 1 value so only 2 calls and yay, select takes half the time.
    Now how can I split up my function return with only one function call

    Is there no way to say chars1-10 are value 1 and chars11-20 are value 2 with only 1 call to the function???

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