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    Unanswered: date range entry

    I am trying to get a script to fill in a date range in find mode and the
    two ways that I have found to enter that range when I am typing it in do
    not work when the script tries to "set field"

    if I manually enter <= END_DATE >= BEGIN_DATE it gives me the correct
    range but if I use
    set field("date" ""<= " & END_DATE & " >= " & BEGIN_DATE") then it tells
    me that no records match request and when I go to modify the find I get
    the ? in the field that indicates to me an unsucessful type conversion.

    fi I manually enter BEGIN_DATE...END_DATE then I get the correct range but
    if I use
    set field("date" "BEGIN_DATE & "..." & END_DATE") then I just get all of
    the records where date matches BEGIN_DATE

    all of the previous is in find mode and I am using <= and >= for "less than or equal to" and "greater than or equal to" respectivly.

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    Could you give us you complete script

    It should work

    Try to pause the script to see if the set field step is correct
    Olivier Miossec

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    I know that the set field script step is the problem because the script pauses when the find fails and allows me to modify the find request.

    at that point I get either the first date in the range only (if I use the elipsis dots) or the '?' if I use the the greaterthan/less than.

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