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    Unanswered: IVR to Database to Web

    Hello all

    I am about to begin a project that will be implemented in a local company. It involves using an IVR(interactive voice response) to collect information with regards a customer satisfaction survey. The results are then to be presented on the web. Thus I have an IVR connected to a database which is connected to the web. The results are to be presented in stats and graphs on the web.

    I was originally going to use an Oracle database however it has worked out that it is not feesable to use Oracle for such a small application. I am now looking at SQL server. However, I have never dealt with it before. I have extensive knowledge of SQL. What I need to know is SQL server suitable to use when it comes to connecting to a web application, querying the data to show graphs and stats and is it easy to learn for a person who has extensive knowledge of databases? Id appreciate your knowledge and advice on this topic

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    Greetings from sunny Surrey in the UK!!

    Well the short answer is - yes - if you are willing to take the time to learn SQLs eccentricities.

    Regards size , we have 5 MB databases running ( some with web app links ) so small isnt an issue.

    SQL Server is pretty easy to learn, and if you are just quering the database or writing data into it from a web app, it should all be straight forward. Mind long is a bit of string?

    Do you have a DBA to set up the server or are you it?



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