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    Unanswered: Changing number to date

    I have a table in SQL Server that has a date field whose properties are 'number'. I want to export this data to a table in Oracle. I can't touch the Server table to alter it to be a date. Is there some way I can do this in the Oracle table? Example- SQL Server= 20030324 (March 24,2003). In Oracle I want it to read '24/03/2003', or some other date format.

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    you could do it through sql like this

    declare @d as int
    set @d = 20031105
    select cast(substring(cast(@d as varchar(8)),5,2)+ '/' +
    substring(cast(@d as varchar(8)),7,2)+ '/' +
    left(cast(@d as varchar(8)),4)as smalldatetime)

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    Re: you could do it through sql like this

    I need to update a whole column in an Oracle table. Thanks.

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