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    Unanswered: outer join in ingres-openroad

    Hi everyone,

    i am trying to compile this code in an ingres db, openROAD:

    select a.field1 as :fld1,
    a.field2 as :fld2,
    b.msg1 as :msg
    from (tableA a LEFT OUTER JOIN tableB b ON a.field3 = b.msg1
    and (
    (a.field4 = b.msg2 and a.field5 = b.msg3) or
    (a.field6 = b.msg4 and a.field7 = b.msg5)

    but I get a compilation error (E_W400F0 syntax error) on the word 'OUTER'.

    I have tried to compile the SAME code WITHOUT the word 'outer' and it succeeds. but i need to do an outer join! and not only a left join (because there are some null fields in table b)
    what do I have to do?

    thank you

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    this is an oracle forum, not an ingress forum.

    You are using pl/sql with ingress there.
    - The_Duck
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