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    Unanswered: Is Anyone Here Familiar With The Act! Database??

    I know client who is doing a migration project, and she wants to know whether to migrate to MS Access or the Act! Database from Excel. I hadn't even HEARD of Act! before.

    Can anyone out there do a comparison of these two DBs?
    I would be eternally grateful.

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    The company I work for is currently using ACT! as their database. One project that was assigned to me, was to create a completely customized Database Manipulation program. Useing an Access Database. Bottom Line the company i work for, has had it with ACT!

    The only thing i have to say about it... if your client does NOT have a Database Manipulation front end to use with an Access database.. then i would suggest ACT! since ACT! comes shipped with a program that is easy to use with the database. For small companies this is ok, for mid to large companies, ACT! will eventually slow down your systems and be more of a headache. if your client fits in the mid to large category.. then i would suggest making a database manipulation program to work with an access database.

    My two cents.

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