I have a problem trying to perform e-mail merges with grouped information from Access. Let me explain.

I have customers purchasing multiple items. In a query on Access the result looks somthing like:

Customer ID / F_Name / L_Name / Address / Purchase / Item Cost
1 / John / Doe / 4 W. St. / flower / $5.95
1 / John / Doe / 4 W. St. / shrub / $4.95
2 / Jane / Doe / 5 E. St. / Weed / $3.95
2 / Jane / Doe / 5 E. St. / Tree / $7.95

I want to be able to merge multiple purchases on one standard document in Outlook by inserting the merge fields [Purchase] and [Item Cost]. After merging I need have all purchases grouped by customer on one letter. Something like:

Dear John Doe,

Thank you for your order. You have purchased:

flower $5.95
shrub $4.95

Outlook treats each purchase as a separate record and I cannot perform this simple merge. Grouped information is a cinch to generate as a report on Access, but I can figure it out as a mail merge. Does anyone know how to make Customer ID a grouping control of some kind?

Can anyone help? It would be much appreciated.