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    Unanswered: exporting oracle to excel

    Can anyone suggest an effective method to transfer data from an Oracle 9i database to Microsoft Excel.
    I investigated various methods of doing it but none seem to work quite right.

    I can’t use a ODBC link direct from excel because the process has to be integrated with Oracle forms so users can perform the transfer.

    I have tried using the UTL_FILE package to output a CSV file onto to the local machine. Unfortunately the outputted file does not open correctly in Excel.

    I have also written an Oracle report with the DESFORMAT = delimited, which works when I generated the report from developer, but does not work when at run time.

    If anyone has any working models for such a transfer I would appreciated some guidance.

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    did you consider the sylk package available from

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    you can do it throught the oracle navigator
    right click the table to export its data
    save it as a .csv

    if there's a problem opening it
    then it's office problem

    you can use the same way back to upload to oracle

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