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    Question Unanswered: How do I keep my formatting

    Hi Everyone,

    I need to know 2 things...

    Scenerio 1: I am creating an online application to submit resumes and cover letters. In the database the column that will hold the resume is a LONG..... I need to know how to insert the resume formatted the way the user enters it (into a HTML - TEXTAREA) and how to pull it back out for edit and view formatted. I tried writing my own method that would covert the characters, but then after updated it 2 - 3 times they would all come out of the DB looking like squares.

    Next Scenerio:

    I need to know how to search a long column, for keywords. So if I wanted to retrieve a query will all of the resumes that contain the word 'JAVA' in them I can.

    Thank you!!


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    Re: How do I keep my formatting

    You better use CLOB instead of LONG and the DBMS_LOB package.
    It provides You with procs/functions for read/write the LOB and edit/view procs (eg. COMPARE,INSTR,SUBSTR,GETLENGTH,APPEND,TRIM ). May be a little tricky, but You should get familiar with it.

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