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    Question Unanswered: INGRES 2.5 Log file - error in errorlog

    Need help with this on one of my servers

    E_DMA459_LGREAD_WRONG_PAGE The wrong log page was read. Page <1005820661,9455,812> was read, but LGread() expected to read page <1005820662,9455,0>. This may indicate that the log file has unexpectedly wrapped around.

    Ingres refuse to start properly.

    IIgcn, iigcc and iidbms starts ok but there's no access to the database
    through my applications, isql or ipm

    What to do?????

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    From messages.txt


    %0d,%1d,%2d - actual log page address in "triple" format
    %3d,%4d,%5d - expected log page address in "triple" format

    %3d,%4d,%5d - expected log page address in "triple" format

    Each transaction log file page is self-identifying, as it stores its own
    page address redundantly on the page. When the page is read in, the page address on the page is checked to see that it is the expected
    page address; if it is not, this error message is issued.

    System Status:
    The page cannot be successfully read.

    If dual logging is enabled, the log file which suffered the error will
    be disabled, and processing will continue using the other log file. If
    dual logging is NOT enabled, this is a hard error and will result in an error return to the caller.

    This message may indicate that an I/O error occurred on the log file device, or it may indicate that there is an internal bug in the DBMS
    log page address routines. Check the log file device for any hardware errors before reporting this message to Computer Associates Technical Support.

    I would check with your system admins for any hardware errors - then rebuild the log file using CBF - if that doesn't work then you are going to have to raise a call with CA Support

    Hope thsi helps

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