Does anyone know if it is possible in MS Access 2000 to pass parameters to a pass through query running on a remote server.

Here's my dilemma:
In my VB code for MyForm I do a "DoCmd.Openquery XYZ" which has the ODBC connection string built into it to connect to my production data server. The sql in the query just says SELECT * FROM Mytable;
This table is just starting out on Nov. 1 but is going to grow very soon. With it set up this way I (or whoevers uses this application) will be pulling back the whole table each time and thats not good. MyForm has a start_date and end_date that I really only want to pull back data for from the remote server. Its not my server and I dont want to put a stored procedure on it. I want to somehow pass the start_date and end_date that the user has entered to use in retrieving the data from the remote server using this pass-through query.

Does anyone have any ideas how I might code this? I dont have any flashy stuff in my code and just use the basic JET database tools (i.e. no ADO, or other drivers). Any examples of VB code for openning a connection and putting the parameters in a RUNSQL statement are welcome. Thanks, Kyle