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    Unanswered: switch from sql to oracle???

    Howdy all. I was wondering how many of you OCP's have also got MSSQL experience. As it stands Im an MCDBA (mssql dba) but its time for me to start learning something new. Now here's the kicker. Im not
    really fond of programming. I came into the DBA world as a paper MCDBA and got lucky enough to be able to keep my job.
    However Ive come to realize that programming (stored procs, not VB or anything) and me just dont mix. I like it for a short time but then it makes me want to go nuts. I dont mind doing it here and there or even writing some occasional vbs for dts. Ive been fortunate enough that I dont need to do it very often. Anyways, Im at the crossroad between learning either more networking(MCSA) or some Oracle(OCP).
    So my question(finally) is are there any OCP's here that also double as the MSSQL guy? Do you have tons of scripting and programming to look forward to every day? Im already familiar with db admin/ design concepts and certainly dont want to forget all about it. But am I doomed to a life of coding as an Oracle guy? Ive looked through some jobs posts for Oracle dba's and they need to know some scripting. I guess what Im curiuos about is can I get away without having to spend most of my days writing stored procs? It seems from looking @ job postings for SQL dba's that lots of stored proc writing is the norm but not so much for the Oracle guys. Is this correct?

    TIA, Chris
    Thanks in advance.

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    I feel the same way as you about coding, if it's not something simple, then I don't want anything to do with it. I might do a little SQL, HTML or perl, but never anything elaborate.

    I have, what is to me, the perfect type of job. I'm a technical consultant for a software company that writes ERP, CRM, Accounting and other related software. My job is to design, deploy and maintain the systems and software that they run our software on.

    I work with Oracle, MSSQL, other RDBMSs, hardware, networking, Windows, Solaris, Linux... from really small clients to huge ones. I get to travel all over the world and best part of it is that I never am in one place long enough to get sick of it (except a few places in the middle of nowhere that ANY time spent there was too much).

    As far as Oracle goes (to stay on topic) I get to design and build the hardware, design and build the instance, do migrations, tuning, troubleshooting, all the nuts and bolts type stuff without having to dig into any code. I do have to understand the design of our application's database and write some simple SQL every once in a while, but not too much.

    It's not the right job for everyone, but it works out pretty well for me

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