have a report that pulls info from a query. The query gets acct_num (count), total_charges (sum), acct_bal (sum), trans_code (group by), trans_date (group by), and expr1: Month(trans_date) (expression). The expr1 prompts the user to enter the number of the month.

In the report I am trying to get the count only certain trans_codes. This is a summary report and for two fields of the summary I need to count 5 different trans_codes in each field. Example: In Total No Precert I want to count the number of accounts for the month entered that have specific trans_codes. There are 5 different trans_codes that relate to No Precert. I need the corresponding dollar amount for each of the two fields.

I can do this by creating a query for each field and then do a subreport in my main report but it asks for the Number of the Month for each subreport. There are 3 subreports that I have.

This is killing me! I have been trying to do this for 2 days without any luck!

Any help will be appreciated!