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    Unanswered: Editing website as text from VBA

    Hi all

    We have a very manual process that runs through an external website. The website consists of thee fields for lines of an address.

    I can open the website from VBA and fill in the fields from a form, the i can perform the search.

    I would, however, like to display the results on the form as oposed to on the website. There doesn't seem any way to pull the data from the website but if the html file in Temporary Intenet Files is converted to text, i could search for the results in this.

    When i try to find the file in Temporary Internet Files, VBA won't recognise that the file exists. I think this is because it is a system file.

    Can anyone help in any way? Please?? ? If anyone has any suggestions i would be eternally grateful....


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    Re: Editing website as text from VBA

    If the owner of the Web site doesn't allow any other access to search results except through a specific Web page, your only option is to manually pull data from that page. In your browser, use the option View >> Source (if you have IE) and then save the file as HTML or text.

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