We need language support for the following languages- Spanish, Japanese, Hindi and Chinese

We are using WINDOWS 2000 Server and SQL SERVER 2000 Database and ASP 3.0

1. We have support for the following langauges in our system - English, Spanish, Japanese, Hindi and Chinese
2. We copied and pasted chinese/japanese text from sites in chinese/japanese.
3. We inserted data to SQL server 2000 through the text box. The data type that we used is ntext
Sample Query: insert into table (field_name) values (N'" & text_value & "')"
4. But when checked the data stored in the database thru Enterprise Manager, the data was not stored in the proper format. It appear as junk data(as boxes).
5. Still we get data displayed in the proper format in the same machine's browser(the machine in which we have language support for chinese and japanese)
6. But in other systems, the data is displayed as is it is inserted in the database.
7. We used UTF-8 character set and codepage 65001 in the ASP page

Thank you for your time. We would very much appreciate your help.

Thanks again,