Hi All,

I have row level locking for a table. In one session i enter

begin work;
update emp
set name ="jack"
where empno=1

In second sesssion if i say

select * from emp
it gives me an error, cannot do a physical fetch on the table,
but my table has row level locking.

If i update the 10th row in one session, in other session i can view the 1st 9 rows, after that it gives me the same error. This should not happen since table is locked in row mode, it should lock only the current row and display the other rows.

IF i give

set isolation to dirty read;
select * from emp;
i can view all the data but with name with latest changes which may or may not be committed, thus my MIS may go haywire.

Please advice. Appreciate ur prompt reply.


Bhushan Sawant