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    Thumbs up Unanswered: Calling Informix Proc from MSSql

    I want to call an Informix stored procedure from MSSql 2000
    (currently both MSSql 2000 and Informix ASE are running on the same Win2k machine)

    Note IDS1 = Informix SQL Server
    iMyDB is the data-srce name of my ODBC con

    Here is what I did

    -- add linked server
    exec sp_addlinkedserver
    @server = 'IDS1',
    @provider = 'turbo2, --> not sure about this one this is the service used
    --> from my ODBC connection
    @datasrc = 'iMyDB',
    @srvproduct = 'IBM INFORMIX 3.82 32 BIT'

    -- add login and user - account as setup on IDS1
    exec sp_addlogin 'informix', 'informix'

    exec sp_adduser 'informix'

    -- add linked server login
    EXEC sp_addlinkedsrvlogin 'IDS1', 'false', 'sa', 'informix', 'informix'

    -- Enable RPC inpput and output
    exec sp_serveroption 'IDS1', 'rpc', TRUE
    exec sp_serveroption 'IDS1', 'rpc out', TRUE
    -- test connection

    select * from IDS1.BSRes2.dbo.users

    -- test remote procedure
    EXEC IDS1.BSRes2.informix.p_test

    both the above give the following error
    Server: Msg 7403, Level 16, State 1, Line 1
    Could not locate registry entry for OLE DB provider 'turbo2'.

    How do I find out what the OLE DB is
    Any help would be most appreciated


    Informix DBPing provided me with 1 answer
    when I used BDPing to connect my informix database it indicated it was using 'MSDASQL' - si using this for the @provider param in sp_addlinkedserver will now work using OPENQUERY() is can call ine informix stored procedure from MSSql.
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