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    Angry Unanswered: Hellppp!!

    I know this question may be extremely silly, but I am stuck. I think most of problem is that i have been looking at it for so long I can't see what is wrong.

    I want to be able to (from a select case) take a value ie. Monday and pass it to a a rowsource for a list box...hehe is the select statement.

    Me.ListVolAvail.RowSource = "SELECT" & " " & "*" & " " & "FROM" & " " & "ViewVolunteerAvailability" & " " & "WHERE" & " " & "(((ViewVolunteerAvailability.Day)=" & calcday & "));"

    calcday is calculated correctly based on the [Startdate] on my form. My Select case is case 1 means it is sunday case 2 monday...etc.

    When the select statement runs it prompts me with a parameter dialog that says Tittle Enter Parameter, Message is Monday then gives me the area to type my parameter. However, monday is suppose to be the criteria. My query itself doesn't have anything in the criteria under ViewVolunteerAvailability.Day to begin with.

    PLEASE HELP I am confused and need someone to look at teh statement and see if they can see why it is doing that.

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    Try something like:

    Me.ListVolAvail.RowSource = "SELECT * FROM ViewVolunteerAvailability WHERE (((ViewVolunteerAvailability.Day)='" & calcday & "'));"

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    Thank you so much. I knew it had to do with the &'s and "'s but got furstrated and put them in everywhere... thank you again !!


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