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    Unanswered: sqlutil for pervisave error

    Try to backup db file with Butil continuous way no problem:

    But when I use "sqlutil" do the same thing, get error massage:

    sqlutil -startbu \pvsw\demodata\dept.mkd

    Preparing files for continuous backup operation ...

    Error: Data source name \pvsw\demodata\dept.mkd does not exist.

    I even try c:\pvsw\demodate\dept.mkd, same error.

    Anybody any clue.

    Thanks in advance.


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    The usage of SQLUTIL is:

    sqlutil -startbu <Data Source Name | @ListFile> [/s
    sqlutil -endbu <Data Source Name | @ListFile> [/s]

    Notice that it's using a Data Source Name. So in your example, it would be:
    sqlutil -startbu demodata

    You don't specify a data file name when using sqlutil. You specify a data source name.
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    Got it, thank you.

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