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    Unanswered: Help with QUEL - Total newb

    Hi all, i've been given the task of converting some SQL into QUEL (course work).

    I cant however find anything on the internet to show me the basics of QUEL (doesnt help that QUEL is also a very popular word in the french vocabulary! )

    Would anyone be so kind as to point me towards any decent online QUEL tutorials?

    Thanks so much!

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    Well I thought QUEL was Ingres only (might be wrong on that one) at any rate it was used widely in Ingres installations in the 80s but eveyr site I worked on from 89 up changed from QUEL to SQL.

    You might be able to locate pdf manuals from Computer Associates web site is all I can think of I don't have QUEL manuals anymore. If they aren't available online perhaps someone at CA would make one available to you.

    Any QUEL based books are likely long out of print I woud think.

    Rob Feehan
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