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    Unanswered: restoring a subscriber to a different computer

    maybe someone can help me with th following:

    in a replication environment i need to restore a backup of database of a subscriber-computer (merge replication) to a different computer.

    the reason is, that a notebook was stolen, fortunately we have a backup of the database and now we woluld like to restore the database and merge the changed data with the server.

    but when i restore the database all the msMerge*-tables are missing and the database apears as a normal (ie not subscriber-) database. usertables are ok.

    i made some tests - as long as i restore a database to the same machine where the subscription was created, everything is fine. but on other computers i can't get it working.

    thanks for your help

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    If I'm right you can solve this by doing the following:

    You restore the database on the laptop.
    Then you recreate the replication (by Tools => Replication)
    By creating the snapshot of the source database en running the replication all replicated tables of the source will be copied to de subsriber.
    If you want to change some thing in you DB on the laptop, like Identity Fields start values you can change the .sch files which are created during the creation of the snapshot. (Watch out. only create snapshot, do not start replication) After changing these files you can start the replication in the replication monitor

    Greetz Da Witte

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