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    Unanswered: Add record

    hi all,

    i have a form with subform. i create the add record button using the wizard and it cannot works. i think it is due to the subform. it always gives me a error msg "You can't go to the specific record."
    when i click on the add command button.

    what can i do????

    pls advice

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    Re: Add record

    Check your form data management settings for both form and subform. Go to properties and make sure that "Allow additions" is set to true for both forms, and if you want only new records to be added, also set "Data entry" to true, if not, leave the second one as false.

    You can also set these properties by code, i.e., Forms!frmForm.AllowAdditions = true where frmForm would be the name of your form.
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