Hi all,
I have the next record (one of many) -

Item.countChildsByName( "Layer 2 Non Permanent" )+Item.countChildsByName("level 2 permanent")+Item.countChildsByName("Layer 2 Non Permanent") == 1 And Customer.getClassificationCode() == "A"

This hard code is a field in a 'dummy_a' table, I need to convert all of the 'ByName' expressions inside the ".." to ID from an other table 'dummy_b'.
The expected result should be -

Item.countChildsByName( "11" )+Item.countChildsByName("14")+Item.countChildsByN ame("11") == 1 And Customer.getClassificationCode() == "A"

Can you help me build the proper query for that ? (I have to convert the whole table content...)
Thanks !