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    Unanswered: "One-Way" replication?


    Is there a way to perform a one-way replication? We run 9i on a primary server and we want to duplicate the database (running on that server) to a secondary server. In case of a failure of the primary server, the second one would be operational.

    We are thinking about using replication to copy data from the primary database to the secondary one. The problem with this solution is that replication is a 2 way process: any changes made on the secondary server is duplicated to the primary one and vice-versa.

    We basically do not want to replicate changes made on the second server to primary one (Only changes made on the primary server should be replicated to the second one).

    For instance, deletion is a huge problem in our case: deleting a table from the secondary server, would delete it from the primary one. Deletion from the secondary server is unlikely to happen but we want to prevent this by setting up a "one-way" replication so changes in the secondary server would not be copied to the primary one.

    Any solution to that problem?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Try a Standby Instance or Data Guard as they now call it in 9i.

    The standby instance is unavailable until it is brought online ....

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