I have a MS SQL 2000 server and have it up to use MAPI to send failure notifications to various operators. Last week a job, that due to a bug fails every day, failed to send email on the 3rd and the 5th but succeeded to email on the 2nd and the 4th.

The message from the Application log when the email failed was:
Unable to send job completion notification email to operator 'Bob Jones' for job 'prod_dtl'.

Since the email worked part of the time I don't think that the MAPI or the operator configurations are the problem.

I have my suspicions that the culprit might involve Outlook/Exchange but have nothing but the log entry to go on. The Exchange administrator says that they don't see any messages sent on those days the mail message failed. Exchange has had bouts of slowness lately and I was wondering if it could be a MAPI time-out issue.

Has anyone had this problem? Any ideas would be appreciated.

Thanks for you help.