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    Unanswered: Data Archival strategies and suggestions

    We have a requirement for archival of data on a regular basis.

    We have a set of tables and its related tables that needs to be archived so that we would be able to bring the archived tables on line with minimal data movement. I am thinking of something like the Table partioning in Oracle database server where you can partition a table in several tablespaces EG Q1,q2,q3,q4 for the four quarters. You can selectively take the tablespace online and offline at the drop of a hat with a couple of commands in oracle. Do we have something similar to that? We are using the workgroup server edition.

    Any suggestions and/or white paper articles on this topic are very appreciated.

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    Hi Soumil,

    YOu can look at archiving tables so that they can be stored offline and accessed back whenever required.

    You can also consider help from the Replication Center that is also a good tool.

    Finally please search the forum I am sure you will find it has been discussed before and get a good idea of suggestions that have been put here.



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    Check out this article entitled: "Partitioning in DB2 Using the UNION ALL View"
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