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    I just want to learn how to manipulate more data and make it easier to read for some upper management level people. I'm pretty good with all of the microsoft office products except Access. What is a good book to get ahold of that will show some easy steps to building a database with some good example projects to run through. Thanks.

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    the "dummies" books are good for basics...the Access Bible is good for more advanced functions...You should also check into the Access Weekend Course books...they will give a broad knowledge in a short period of time...

    Don't get is always helpful to learn Access with a project in mind...or setup a dummy project to practice...

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    Originally posted by tiggernyc
    the "dummies" books are good for basics...
    The "dummies" books are No Dummy. Just a very clever and universally-recognized trademark.

    Don't try to start immediately on Your Project. Read the introductory texts, look at the introductory examples. And don't try to Absorb everything that you see. I suggest that you keep a diary, instead. What you don't understand... write it down. Then, Keep Moving. Later on you can flip through your diary and fill-in the answers or look again for them... spending once again only a short amount of time in the quest before jotting "m/d/y h:m PM, didn't find it yet.. oh well."
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