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    Database Design Problems

    I'm currently trying to design a database for a website I'm creating but im running into a few problems. Hopefully someone can help!

    I have a "Lecturers" table which contains all their details, email ,name etc and a "Modules" table which contains Module Codes and Title's etc. The core problem i'm having in trying to include different features for different modules.

    Lets say I have one module that will have a news, a labs and a project feature(each of these features have their own separate tables aswell).

    Do I create a table called "Module" with the fields, moduleCode,newsID,labID,projectID ?

    I dont see how I can create a table of features, if each feature itself is a table with different fields to the next?

    Any idea's of how I should approach this are much appreciated !

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    Re: Database Design Problems

    Can each module only have 1 of each "feature"? Or can a module have 2 news features, 5 lab features etc.?

    Can the exact same feature be shared by many modules?

    What sort of attributes do these features have?

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