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    Unanswered: Post relational database


    I recently stumbled on "post-relational" database.

    This technology looks pretty interesting (and promising), but
    what's the definition of "post-relational"?

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    Post-Relational is a marketing term. I just means that they are after relational database

    A lot of companies use this term to market their software.

    Matisse claims to be post relational and so does Intersystmes Cache.

    My familiarity with Matisse is limited to just casual use of it but i've used Cache for 4 years now.

    Both are sort of object oreinted.

    The querying system (both DB)really kills. No more need to do complex joins... that is if you set your tables right.
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    Just a marketing term. Maybe.

    These products support SQL extensively, but not simply relational db.
    They support object, but not simply object db.

    Anyway, it is a new category.

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