Hi there,
I am doing my second advanced FTS but this time using containstable with ranking I have encountered some problems.
I have fulltext indexed some of the columns of a table in the same catalog. Since the pages I select are mostly newspages and webpages I would like to use the ranking in that way that I
put the highest relevance to the headline then little bit lower relevance to the preamble(introduction) and at last the lowest relevance to the main text. My thought in doing this is that if the headline contains one or more of the words the user have entered the bigger the chance is that the pages contains more valuable information than if the main text
contains the entered search words.

At the moment one of my select queries looks something like this :

SELECT KEY_TBL_1.rank, a.IDnr, a.Headline, a.Owner, a.Preamble, c.Text
FROM WebPage a inner join WebbPages c on a.idnr = c.idnr
inner join containstable(WebPage , Owner, 'ISABOUT (maria weight (0.4)) ') AS KEY_TBL on a.idnr = KEY_TBL.[KEY]
inner join containstable(WebbPages, Headline, 'ISABOUT (maria weight (0.8)) ') AS KEY_TBL_1 on a.idnr = KEY_TBL_1.[KEY]
order by KEY_TBL_1.rank desc

The query above works but not exactly the way I want because if there is no headline with the search value "maria", it would not return any hit because of the inner join. So how can I maintain a correct query so
it would select maria from the column Owner OR maria from the column Headline, still with the ranking setting hits within Headline as a higher relevance.
By other means my problem is that I cannot solve the joins with several containstable where I would like to search in an normal OR sqlstatement in combination with ranking.

Thank you in advance,