I have this strange problem with the integrated security in SQL Server 2000.

I have two Logins using integrated security, one of them being [myDomain\Domain Users].
Each of those two Logins have different Default Database settings.

When I connect to the database, being a member of both NT Groups, I supposedly have a conflict regarding the Default Database.

In this conflict, it seems that the Domain User NT Group have a higher priority than the other group, thus giving me the Default Database of the Domain User, rather than the more specified NT Group Login. Shouldn't it be the other way around - with the more specific NT Groups having a higher precedence than the more generic Groups. Or am I fooling myself?

The basic problem is that I'm using an internal SQL Server hotel that the IT Department is running, so if I add the Domain Users account, every application but mine might stop working, since their accounts Default Databases are being overridden by the Domain Users Login.

Is this by design?