Hi folks,

I installed the oracle-9i on windows-xp PC. It has server manager also.

My target server has windows-2000 with oracle-8i database. I am a bit confused on the OEM setup. It seems like VNI-2015 error is common in OEM setup but please help me in the steps. I am administrator on the windows-xp PC and

1. created a new user "oemagent" on the PC with administrator rights local
to the machine.
2. Made sure that the user "oemagent" has rights "log on as batch job",
"log on as service" and "log on locally".
3. Nothing was enabled like "deny log on" etc.
4. Created the user "oemagent" in OEM on with super admin rights.
5. Set preferred credentials for the node for this user "oemagent".
6. Logged off from the PC and logged on as "oemagent".
7. Started OEM and logged in with userid "oemagent" and password.
8. Could see the the databases and nodes.
9. Created the job to execute on the target server node with job execute as sys/password.

10. Got the "VNI - 2015 " authentication error.

What am I doing wrong here? Did I miss any step?