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    Unanswered: How to make this searching form

    Hi guys,
    I want to create a canvas with two blocks.
    The first one is made by 4 text-items where the user can input keywords to search (for example isbn-code, author, title...). The user can request less than 4 searching criteria of course.
    In the second block I'd like to put items with a scrollbar where the result of searching is displayed.
    I tried to make this through a block (the second) based on a stored procedure that takes the items of the first block as input parameters... but it doesn't works (I have used a table type as IN OUT parameter). I think that's my fault, because of my poor experience.
    Can you help me, please?

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    Y can't U replace IN OUT type with IN & try. Post Ur code for better understanding.

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    I attach the code.
    As you can see, I use IN OUT mode to assign values to table.
    Any suggestion?
    Thank you in advance
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    My question:
    In Oralce forms 6 I am trying to create a bock based in a procedure. I can insert data and update at b.d only but I can not select data so I can not delete. I have create all procedures like in Examples from "Avanced Forms and Report" and I have used asistend to create block and Help of Forms 6. I am locking for code source is in trigger "when button pressed" to execute query of block.
    Thanks. Peternac26. Madrid (Spain).

    Hola compañeros del metal,
    En Oracle Forms 6 estoy intentando crear un bloque basado en un procedimiento. Puedo insertar y updatear en b.d pero no puedo ver los datos y por tanto borrar. He creado todos los procedimientos como el ejemplo de "Examples de forms y reports avanzados" y he utilizado el asistente para crear el bloque y tambien he consultado la ayuda. Necesito el codigo que se podría en el trigger when button pressed para ejecutar y ver los datos en el bloque.
    Gracias. Peternac26. Madrid (España).


    I have see your code in code.txt and..
    Can I get query-procedure?
    Ricerca is the process in block property to select ?


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