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    Unanswered: Help with sql query

    I have a ADODB app with an Access database which I record the productivity evaluations of personnel for each job, each job has a table in the database (5 jobs) job1, job2, job3, job4, job5 also exists 2 tables which the one has all the names of workers (names) and the other all the dates (dates) where became a at least one registration for somebody job
    job1-5 -- Name (char), date(short date), totalW (number), totalT (number).
    Names --name (char)
    Date --Date (short date)
    I would want to make a recordset (SQL query) in which it will have all the names from names and for every date in Dates table to imports the values totalW , totalT for every job. If some date has not become for example the job1 but has become the job2 it places value 0 in jobs1 field
    Something like this.
    Name(char),date(short date),job1W(number),job1T(number), job2W(number),job2T(number) , job2W(number),job2T(number)…etc
    is that possible??

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    Re: Help with sql query

    Everytime I have to write a big query, I use the Access Query Wizard.

    When it´s finished and tested, I use the "Show in SQL Mode" and ctrl-C and Ctrl-V

    Good luck
    My environment: Windows XP/ Access 2000 - Using Microsoft DAO 3.6 Library

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