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    Unanswered: Report Field Previews on screen but won't Print


    I've got a 'dialog mode' form "Badge Money" that is used to prompt the user to enter [Start Date] and [End Date], which it stores in a table "Choose Badge Money Dates" for a report "Badge Money." Then the user clicks "Report" on the form, a macro which:

    1. Opens the report "Badge Money"
    2. Closes the Dialog "Badge Money"
    3. Opens the report again (to move focus back to the report)

    The Report filters for only Records between those dates. In the Report header is a Label "Records for:" and the calculation field named [Date Range]:

    "=[Forms]![Badge Money]![Start Date] & " to " & [Forms]![Badge Money]![End Date]"

    The Report Previews great on screen and [Date Range] appears correct.


    Since I've already closed the form (I'm assuming) when I then PRINT the report it says "#Name" in the [Date Range].


    Is there any way to Preview AND be able to Print the Report correctly without having to keep the Dialog box form open? I've tried referring to the fields of the underlying table "Choose Badge Money Dates" but I guess I'm doing something wrong because access prompts me for values I'm referring to. For [Date Range] on the report I tried using:

    "=[Tables]![Choose Badge Money Dates]![Start Date] & " to " & [Tables]![Choose Badge Money Dates]![End Date]"

    ... no luck. Please help!

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    You can store these values in Puplic variables and close the form.

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