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Thread: Upgrade to 12.5

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    Unanswered: Upgrade to 12.5


    We have upgraded ASE server from 11.9 to 12.5.

    Though the upgrade went smoothly,
    certain external applications like Weblogin server, direct connect server instances required a restart of the services before getting connected successfully to the upgraded ASE instance.

    I would like to know why these external interfaces required a restart after the upgrade .

    It sure sounds that is logical to restart all external interfaces following a ASE upgrade, but people are looking at me to give the technical reason that needs this restart !

    Any ideas are appreciated ..


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    You should have shutdown all the external clients/applications/open servers, before the upgrade. This is what Sybase recommends. Also, during the upgrade process, the dataserver shutdown and restarts couple of times. So all the connections are gone.

    I hope this answers your questions. Anyone has any other thoughts?

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