I am selling this vBulletin integrated downloads database hack.

It comes with 3 files:

and dlquery.php

Template additions: 7

Add/remove/ Categorys
Add/remove/edit File names, (uploads)
# Of times a file has been downloaded.
File description
File name

And many more features to come.

I can install this hack for you, but would cost about $15 extra.

I am selling it for in between $100 and $150.

Live Demo:

(Please dont spam the forums, or sign up with rude names, i get that alot )

This could be a great script for any site that runs vBulletin and offers free templates, trial version programs, etc.

Buyer takes all the rights to this script with him/her when he/she pruchases it. I can add some things, but that again would cost more. I am only selling 1 copy, so grab this great vbulletin addition before it goes!

P.S - I will gladly offer free support for this hack.

Thanks for viewing!