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Thread: Error: 644

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    Unanswered: Error: 644

    I get this warning when I do a dbcc checkdb:

    Server: Msg 2750, Level 16, State 4, Line 2
    Warning: Page (1:300465), Slot 9 in object 2009058193 Index 0 Column Val value -1.#QNAN is out of range for data type "real". Update column to a legal value.

    A service using a stored procedure result in the following errir in the event log:

    Error 644, Severity: 21, State 5
    Could not find the index entry for RID '16ca8880200' in index page (1:31928), index ID 7, database 'BPS'.

    I have tried 'dbcc checkdb' and 'dbcc checktable' both with option REPAIR_REBUILD and I have tried 'dbcc reindex' but none of them helped.

    Are there other options or can I find the column that shall be updated to a legal value?

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    Did you get any error messages when your ran the DBCC's?

    Sounds like a corruption problem to me...

    Can you export the data? You may need to do it in'll find there will be probably 1 corrupt row...

    SELECT * FROM myTable WHERE identity < 1000
    and so a binary search..start at the middle your data...

    In either Case, you'll either need to do a restore (which hopefully isn't corrupt), or export the data and build a new db...don't know what else could be hosed..

    But that's only my own opinion (MOO)

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    The physical order of data in a database has no meaning.

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    Have you tried to drop the index and recreate it ?
    Have you used the REPAIR_ALLOW_DATA_LOSS option ?

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