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    Unanswered: Deferred mailing using CDONTS

    Is there a way to send deferred (scheduled for a later date) emails using CDONTS.
    It should siumulate Outllok function under
    Option -> Delivery Options -> Do not deliver before , when you open a new message window.


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    I have not seen this but you could create a database to handle this or a separate application to trigger delayed emails. Keep in mind that outlook is a client based application - not a web based application - so the client application has more flexibility.

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    Re: Deferred mailing using CDONTS

    If u have server access for running a application id whip up a sendmail program that reads the files in a set directory. Then as the header in the files id set the date and time to b sent, u could have the app run on the hr or something and if time and date send email.....

    of course the rest of the email would have to be in the files body......and the web page would have to write the file, but if no DB is availible then the ole text document still works

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