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    Unanswered: Exporting to Excel is not an option

    I recently reloaded Access and I have a function that used to export many queries into Excel. Now I get the following error:

    "Run-Time error 3027. Can't Update. Database or object is read-only."

    I do have all the same references that I used to including to the Excel 10.0 library.

    Upon further investigation I found that when I right click a query and select "Save As/Export", Excel 97 is no longer an option in the drop down list of file types.

    When I reloaded Access, I selected "Install All", so the Data Access Object should be there.

    Can you recommend anything?


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    I had a similiar problem and found on Microsoft knowledge that a Jet Engine service pack was required to be installed to fix it. I'm sorry I don't have that site available, but I did a search on the error message I was getting and found.


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