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    Unhappy Unanswered: Lay out of Excel chart with VBA

    How do I get a chart that listen to the lay out commands in VBA ?

    Commands like
    ActiveChart.Legend.Top = 300

    It seems to me that some automatic lay out mechanisms stays active, and undoes the VBA commands.
    The chart flickers during execution of the macro, and the result is inpredictable and ugly.

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    Keep in mind that Charts in Excel are complicated and involve two different objects: Chart and ChartObject. In Excel when working with the chart, you seldom run into a problem. But in VBA there are properties and methods that "should work" but do not, because they are not specific to Chart or ChartObject.

    If you do much work with charts, then consider buying the book Excel Charts by John Walkenbach. It is the best investment you can make. Not only does he cover all the usual chart issues, he shows you how to do chart things that are consiered impossible. And he gives 4 chapters on creating charts with VBA.
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    thanks Shade!
    I managed to get a reasonable result with try and error.
    Also the command 'Application.ScreenUpdating = false' helped a bit.
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