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    Unanswered: Date Format in SQL

    I have a question and any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm failry new to MS SQL, though i have been doing Access for sometime and am familiar with its SQL. I'm updating a database to MSSQL and am creating some views off of some old queries but the syntax has changed. Here is the Access SQL:

    PARAMETERS Month Short;
    SELECT tblrec.HCNumber, tblrec.LocationID, Sum(tblrec.Recvalue) AS RecValue, tblrec.use, tblrec.Unit, Format([Date],"m") AS Month
    FROM tblrec
    GROUP BY tblrec.HCNumber, tblrec.LocationID, tblrec.use, tblrec.Unit, Format([Date],"m")
    HAVING (((Format([Date],"m"))=Month([month])));

    The portion that I am having a problem with is the FORMAT statement to change the date column so it only displays the month (1-12) in the result pane. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    format([date], "m") = datepart(month, current_timestamp)

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    datepart(month, [date])

    Be very careful when using keywords as names for objects in sql - I strongly suggest not using keywords.

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