Hi Everyone,

We have developed an application on a DELL AXIM X5 Pocket PC 2003 device. This application uses Html pages with JavaScript that opens, reads and writes data to a .cdb file (the native file of Pocket PC) on a Secure Digital Memory card. The .cdb file is similar to the .cdb files that were created using Access 97 however changes have been made to them (I don't know which ones) to be supported under Pocket PC 2003.

We don't know why yet but the .cdb databases work fine for a random period of time and then the become inaccessible. When we try to convert these inaccessible databases to .mdb we receive errors that would lead us to believe that the .cdb have become corrupt.

When we open the .cdb file in an HEX editor we can see some of the text data stored in the database; however we can’t confirm whether all the data is present and only the header or library file has been corrupted or whether it is a deeper and worse scenario.

Have any of you ever fixed .cdb files or even have insight on where I should begin. I do have a number of data recovery facilities looking into these files; however I get a feeling that they are only using a ‘fix’ tool and so far it is not working.

As in most cases, this data is very critical, so any and all of your thoughts would be appreciated.

Steve B.