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    Unanswered: How do you open and read a .mdmp file?

    One of my servers has started producing sqldumps for sev 19's and I'm not sure exactly what's wrong yet. It produces sqldump.txt files as well as sqldump.mdmp files. I can open the text files, but they are basically jibberish. I tried to open the .mdmp files with notepad, but it's all symbols, etc. so that's obviously not the right program.

    How do you open and read a .mdmp file, and how do you troubleshoot these dumps?

    I've posted the most recent sqldump.txt file too, in case you have any insight about what is wrong.
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    They're dumps...I guess opening them in notepad is one way to corrupt them...

    You use RESTORE or ATTACH to rebuild a database from a point in time...

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    This is a mini-dump that was introduced in ss2k sp3. This usually occurs when there is a problem with the scheduler. What does the ss log/event log reveal before this dump dumps ?

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    "How do you open and read a .mdmp file?" - You don't (at least I have not seen an editor for these) - This is what ms tech support uses when troubleshooting.

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